Take Your Business Beyond Borders With Facebook & Instagram Ads

Dear Business Owner,

If you are not running ads on Facebook and Instagram,
you are leaving a lot of money on the table.

And yet, it is one of the trickiest things to do in order to grow your business. A lot of times the money does not seem worth it because:

a. You have very high expectations for Facebook and Instagram ads that are just plain impossible to meet.

b. You run ads that just aren’t converting and you just can’t figure out what the hell is happening.

c. You can’t seem to run sustainable ads. One day they are profitable, the next day everything goes to zero.

d. You are having problems with paying for your ads and it’s becoming a real nightmare.

I understand your pain better than anyone else.

As someone whose work consists of working on ads 24/7 and has done work for companies like WhoGoHost, Printivo, MAX.ng, I know it firsthand: running ads on Facebook and Instagram can be really scary.

And it’s not your fault.

You’re caught in this really awkward position of working with a system that you barely have control over.

If you get your ads wrong, you could literally watch your money run down the sink every single hour.

That said, there is no better time than now to learn how to run ads for your business; and not just any type of ads, but ads with a defined strategy that gets results.

And so in this 4 week online coaching program, I will help you create a working Facebook and Instagram Ads strategy so you can start getting a consistent stream of clients and customers.

Over the past two years, I have worked on ads for different industries:

- Startups

- Multinationals

- Health & Fitness Brands

- Service Based Businesses

- Network Marketing

- E-Commerce

And what I’ve learned is that it’s not enough to know how to setup ads. You must have a strategy.

And that is what you will learn in this program; a strategy so simple and yet so effective that it is being used by the top 1% of advertisers in the world to achieve ground-breaking results.

By the end of this program, you’ll discover:

- The Facebook & Instagram Ads strategy you need in order to run ads that are hyper profitable in 2019 and beyond.

- How to grow a massive following across social media who will patronize you even if you have only $5/day to spend on ads.

- How to get 3x-5x returns on your sales campaigns while spending less than 10 minutes/day to monitor your ads.

What will you get from this program?

- 4 weeks of online classes to help you establish and setup an ad strategy for more clients and customers.

- Monthly live group calls to get feedback and streamline your focus.

- Weekly assignments at the end of each class to assess your progress.

By the end of this class, the only problem you will have when it comes to running ads will be how to spend more money, because every campaign you run will be a hit.

Who is this for?

- Coaches, Consultants, Thought Leaders and Personal Brands who want to increase their income

- Business Owners looking to reach more customers

- Existing brands struggling with profit

- Branded E-Commerce store owners looking to get more sales

Who is this NOT for?

- Newbies and beginners who have zero knowledge of paid advertising.

- Dropshipping and general store owners.

Ready to setup your ad strategy for an endless stream of clients and customers?

Invest in developing your business Facebook and Instagram ad strategy with:

A one-time payment of N 100,000

Classes begin on the 2nd of February 2019.

Due to the nature of this program, we have limited the number of spaces available to just 50 persons.

Once the class is filled up, the button below will be removed and new participants will be added to a waiting list pending the next class.

Click the button below to register for a spot in this class or call 0806 554 7931 to sign up.

Not sure which step to take next?

Schedule a call with us so we can help you get started.

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