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- The DFY Agency Team

A brief intro...

Our DFY Agency is setup to help digital businesses (affiliates, service providers, coaches, consultants, etc) with their marketing and sales, while they focus on closing the leads.

We are able to do this by combining the efforts of our highly trained outbound and inbound contractors, as well as highly targeted digital advertising to generate the highest quality leads, giving you the freedom and time to focus on your business.

How do we operate?

Other agencies work like this:

"You pay them to work (plus ad spend).

They do the work.

Maybe you get results, maybe you don't."

Normally, agencies charge you for your ad spend AND STILL charge you for helping you run your ads.

That is not how we operate.


You only pay us for the lead generation budget.

The minimum budget we work with is 50k for a month.

How much is the ad budget?

The lead generation budget is a minimum of 50k for a month.

For every 50k budget, you get 400 quality leads. Guaranteed.

You must pay this minimum every month for us to work with you.

Can I increase my ad budget?

Yes you can increase your ad budget but only in multiples of 50k.

For example, 50k gets you 400 leads.

100k gets you 800 leads.

150k gets you 1200 leads etc.

You can only increase your ad budget at the start of the month.

For example, if you get started on the 1st of May and you pay 50k but you want to increase your budget to 200k, you have to wait till the 1st of June to do so.

Why the one-time setup fee?

Most business have a faulty system when it comes to generating leads.

We want to be in control of the system that generates leads; that is why we build your website sales funnel using our highest converting funnel template.

It's not optional; if we don't build your funnel, you still have to pay the setup fee.

Once we build the funnel, you also get the login details.

We advise you do not change the login details so we can always modify and edit the campaigns where necessary.

The one-time setup fee is 50k only.

Which ad account or page do you use to run ads?

We handle the lead generation using our ad accounts and pages.

No need for extra ad account access, no need for page access.

We really do all the work for you.

Sit back (actually sit up) and watch your leads roll in.

What type of leads do I get?

We only generate the highest quality leads.

We collect name and email addresses.

We qualify the leads through a double-opt in process.

By the time the leads get to you, they have already indicated interest multiple times.

You will receive an instant email notification once a new lead comes in.

We advise that you follow up with leads as soon as possible, preferably using Whatsapp.

When should I expect the leads?

You can expect to start getting leads 24 hours after the funnel is setup.

Please note that the number of leads is tied to the budget.

This means, that 50k will match 400 leads.

If you get all the leads before the end of the month, you will not receive more leads till the next month.

What's the expected conversion rate?

The industry average is 1% - 4% for digital businesses.

We advise you expect a conversion rate of 2% at most.

For example, this means for every 400 leads we generate for you, you should close 8 of them (2%)

What if I don't know how to close leads?

We provide you with the necessary training and scripts that we use to close our leads at a 3% conversion rate.

You can upgrade your plan to the commission based model where we will close your leads for you. We charge a non-negotiable 30% commission fee if you want us to close your leads on your behalf.

Do you guarantee sales?

This service is for lead generation.

We only offer what is called a "doctor's guarantee"

Just as the best doctor in the world cannot guarantee life, we cannot guarantee sales.

We only guarantee that we will generate high quality leads for you to close.

If you want us to close your leads for you, we charge a non-negotiable 30% commission fee for every successful sale.

How are you able to offer this type of service?

Because we are good at lead generation and prospecting for digital businesses.

Let us focus on generating the leads, while you focus on growing your business.

Do you provide a custom service?

No, we do not provide a custom service.

Everyone who pays gets the same service - lead generation; no ifs, no buts.

We build the system.

We run the ads.

We generate the leads.

You close them.

If you want something custom, we are not for you.

What type of businesses do you work with?

At the moment, we strictly work with digital businesses ONLY. 

This includes affiliate marketers, online service providers (web designers, social media managers), coaches, consultants, course creators etc)

If you offer a service that is not a digital business or involves physical interaction, we cannot work with you.

How much does it cost?

One-time setup fee (website funnel) = 50k.

Lead generation budget (minimum) = 50k for 400 leads.

Total for first month = 100k.

For subsequent months, you only pay for the lead generation budget, which is always a minimum of 50k. 

I like this; where do I sign up?

We announce once slots are open first on our email list first, Telegram second and lastly on social media.

We open new slots for the first 7 days of every month only.

Join The Telegram to stay notified.

Do you offer bonuses, instalments or discounts?

We do not offer bonuses, instalments or discounts.

Our prices are not negotiable.

We literally work for you for free, remember?

Do you offer refunds?

We do not offer refunds.

Do you run one-time campaigns?

We prefer to stick to the mode of operation which is no custom work.

If you choose to run a one-off campaign, you still have to pay the setup fee plus the ad budget fee.

I have a funnel already; can you run my ads for me?

Yes, but you still have to pay the setup fee even if you choose to use your own funnel.

The one-time funnel setup fee is non-negotiable.

How do I opt out?

When you sign up, you have to keep paying the minimum of 50k per month for us to generate leads for you.

If you want to opt out any any point, just let us know and we will stop your lead generation for the month.

We do not charge you for cancelling your services.

However, if you choose to resume your subscription, you have to pay a 30k renewal fee in addition to your lead generation budget.

This 30k renewal fee also applies if you miss payments for a month.

For example, let's say you work with us for the month of May, you pay 50k at the beginning of the month and we generate you 400 leads.

If you opt out for the month of June, you do not pay us anything.

But if you want to resume in the month of July, you pay 30k plus 50k.

Got any questions?

Please send an email to and we will give you a response.

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