How To Write Killer Facebook Ads That Drive Mad Sales

Let me show you how to write killer ads that persuade your customers to click on your ads and buy from you in 60 minutes

Limited seats available.

Are you finding it hard to choose the right words for your Facebook Ads?

Does this sound like you:

– You spend hours thinking of the right words to use for your ads.

– You know that simply writing “Come and Buy” does not work, but you don’t know the first word or sentence to write for your ads.

– After thinking of what to write, you randomly write a few words, use them as your caption – and then nobody clicks on your ad.

It can feel very frustrating not knowing how to write killer ads.

As someone who teaches hundreds of people to runs ads that bring in mad sales, I see a lot of bad ads on Facebook and Instagram everyday.

The biggest reasons why their ads are not working is because they do not know how to write killer ads that bring in mad sales.

– They use weak headlines that are not catchy.

– They write very basic captions and descriptions.

– They use a lot of big grammar that confuses the customer.

If you write ads that are boring or basic, people will not click on it; they will not buy.

Who should register?

Before you run another ad on Facebook or Instagram, you need to learn how to write killer Facebook Ads.

Before you hire someone to run your ads, you should learn how to write killer ads.

Before you take another masterclass on targeting, you should learn how to write killer ads.

You don’t start writing your ads last minute when you are just about to run your ads; let me show you how to write ads properly – from the first sentence to the last.

If you have ever asked any of these questions:

– How long should my advert be?

– Should I include the price of my product in my advert?

– Should I start my advert with a question or a statement?

– Is my headline catchy enough?

– What description should I use for my ads?

– What should I write when retargeting?

This course is for you.

What are you going to learn?

In 60 minutes, you will learn how to write ads that convince your customers to buy from you.

I have used Facebook Ads and Instagram Ads to sell hundreds of courses and physical products, and I still continue to do so till this day.

It is not by guesswork; there is a formula behind the results.

Not only will I show you how to write killer ads on Facebook, but I will also show you how to write ads for Instagram Ads, Google Ads, Twitter Ads and LinkedIn Ads.

Nobody else will teach you how to do all of this.

I will also teach you how to write different type of ads so you do not run out of ideas for your ads.

The class will be simple and straightforward; no beating around the bush and no big grammar.

It is my desire that everybody who attends this course learns how to write killer ads. Because of that, we will move at a steady pace so nobody will be left behind.

Come to the course with your pen, paper and an open mind willing to learn.

When is the course holding?

This is an online course; you get instant access upon purchase..

To reserve your seat, click any of the buttons on this page to make payment of N5,000 Naira only.

On the checkout page, you can make payment either using Paystack or bank transfer.

Each payment admits ONE person only; if you would like to pay for more than one person, send us a DM with their name and email address and make a bank transfer.

When happens after I make payment?

You will receive an email containing your purchase receipt and access details.

You will also be added to a Telegram group where you will get notifications on the day of the live class.

Final words

99% of ads fail, not because of the targeting or the image or video, but because of the writeup.

It is the primary work you need to do before anything else.

To get mad sales, you have to learn how to write killer ads. It is my greatest desire that you learn how to do this.

Limited seats available.

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