Done-For-You Service Biz

We Help You Hit $10k Weeks Selling One Page Sites

We'll build your prospecting site.

Assign a virtual assistant to your business.

We fulfil your sales. 

Only pay full price after you get your first 10 clients.

What would you say if we asked you for a tiny upfront fee...

And for that fee, we BUILD your entire prospecting site, assign a virtual assistant to reach out to prospects for you (no ad spend)…

Fulfil your sales on your behalf...

And you don't pay us in full till you get 10 clients.

We also give you for FREE:
- Training materials
- Tested scripts...

A completely done-for-you biz.

We provide everything for you, making it unreasonable for you not to make money with this business model.

Will you say NO to this offer?

If not, keep reading.

A brief intro...

Most ecom and service businesses focus on selling products that cost $20 - $100.

This gives them a low profit margin and they have to run ads to get customers, making their profit margins low.

What we do is completely different.

We sell one page sites to businesses as a service. We do this using client acquisition systems that don't involve spending on ads.

With our DFY offer, we 

1. create a website for you, 

2. assign a virtual assistant to prospect new leads for you and

3. assign a service provider to deliver the websites sold on your behalf.

How do we operate?

The product we sell is one page sites.

The average amount we sell each one for is $500.

Each site costs $97 to create.

20 sales per week = $10,000.

The profit from 20 sales = $8,060.

We hire VAs for you to prospect on your behalf to businesses.

When the VAs make a successful client sale, we build the one page site for your client and deliver.

All for a one-time fee of $5,000 USD.

How much do you charge?

The entire cost to setup the business for you is $5,000 USD.

Your upfront payment is $1,000 USD.

You only pay the remaining cost after you make 10 sales.

Is there any ad spend?


That's the beauty of this business model.

We don't spend on ads because the VAs do your outreach manually using organic marketing.

Why the deposit fee?

The cost covers paying the VAs who do outreach for you, the cost of creating your outreach website and the cost of fulfilment.

Your VAs don't stop working for you till you make sales.

When should I expect sales?

In the first week of setup.

The virtual assistants we assign to you will send an average of 500 outbound messages a week.

What do these sites look like?

What's the expected conversion rate?

The average conversion rate is 1%.

Meaning for every 500 outreach messages, you can get 5 sales.

Our conversion rate is a lot better (4%) because we have been doing this for a long period of time.

What if I don't know how to close leads?

The VAs do the prospecting and selling on your behalf.

You are the business owner; your job is to collect payments.

What's your guarantee?

Our entire cost to setup the business for you is $5,000 USD

But you only pay 20% to start working with us ($1,000 USD) till you make 10 sales.

You don't pay any extra money till you make 10 sales.

Your VAs don't stop working till you get 10 sales.

Proof that this works?

How are you able to offer this type of service?

Because we have high converting scripts and outstanding VAs that work on your behalf.

If you tried to do this without us, you might not get the same results and will cost you more.

Let us focus on doing the work for you, while you focus on getting paid.

How much does it cost?

Our entire service is $5,000 USD but you only pay $1,000 upfront till you make your first 10 sales.


This is too costly for me; do you have a training I can just take and get started?

Yes, if you just want the training without the business setup, it costs $300. Please send a message if you want to get it.

I like this; where do I sign up?

Please click any button on this page to send a message on Whatsapp or send a message on Instagram, 

We are very upfront with our pricing in order to save you time.

Only reach out if you have the initial startup fee ($1,000 USD) and/or ready to proceed.

You can also ask to book a call if you have more questions.

Got any questions?

Please send me a DM on Instagram and I will give you a response.

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