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What is the Online Business School?

Imagine you wanted to start an online business but you didn't know where to begin.

You have a ton of different things to learn:

How to create a website

How to setup a landing page (like this one)

How to create video ads

How to write good copy

How to run Facebook ads etc.

You also have a lot of different business models to choose from:



Affiliate marketing

Social media marketing

Online courses

Local Arbitrage etc.

To learn each of these skills will take a lot of time, money and effort.

In this fast changing world of technology, learning these skills is not an option. It is a MUST. You have to learn them, and you have to learn them FAST.

What if there was a place where you could come learn everything all at once in a practical, easy-to-understand fashion and start your very own online business on a successful note from day one?

All these and more are what you'll learn inside the Online Business School.

The Online Business School prepares you to become a full online business owner with all the necessary skills you need to succeed from day one.

It is a very practical training course that helps you learn in simple, clear to understand English.

Why the course?

There has never been a better time in history to start an online business than it is today.

Today, you can wake up with an idea, open up a business with your smartphone and laptop and begin to make income.

The reality is most people wish for this kind of lifestyle.

The problem is they do not have all the skills required to make this possible.

We found the need to create the Online Business School due to our experience after teaching 1000s of students through various methods.

Many people are not cut out to learn with only online courses.

Apart from that, many online courses DO NOT give you the practice and support that you need to succeed. 

We wanted to create a course that is extremely practical and focuses on rapid learning, so that our students can truly say they have acquired a skill that can make them money while they sleep.

The primary focus of this school will be to enrich anybody, whether employed or unemployed with the skills needed to earn income for themselves and never have to worry about a paycheck.

At the end of the training, you will get a certificate that says you are officially OBS certified.

As a member of the ONLINE BUSINESS SCHOOL, you will be making money and putting your new skills to use while learning.

There has never been a vocational school like this.

Most academies or institutions out there only teach digital marketing skills to prepare you for the workplace first, and how to start a business second.

Some of them don’t even teach you how to use your skills to start a business.

The Online Business School teaches you the skills in order to start a business, and you can decide to use it in the workplace if you wish.

Our goal is that at the end of the course, you will come learn skills, become gainfully self-employed and begin to employ others, thereby helping to reduce the unemployment rate in your own little way.

"Learning how to start an online business is fast becoming one of the most vital skills you need to succeed in a fast changing world."

Why us?

We have personally trained over 1000 students on various online business models.

All our trainers are people who have actually started a profitable online business, and so they will be teaching from experience rather than from theory.

Main details of the course

- It will hold as physical classes for 5 Saturdays.

- Time for the classes is 9am to 2pm

- Course participants will attend each class with a laptop, or share with peers, as practical sessions will hold in each class.

- Course location is Yaba, Lagos, Nigeria

- Online version of the Course is currently in the works and will be available in 2020.

- Certificates will be issued to Course Participants upon completion

- Assessments tests will hold during the Course season

- The Course Outline will be sent via email to interested persons who indicate interest by reaching out to us via email ( The Outline is very detailed, spanning both theory and practical sessions in each class

- The Course fee is 120,000 Naira (One hundred and twenty thousand naira only).

- The first batch commences on Saturday, 1st February 2020 and will run till Saturday, 29th February 2020.

The Curriculum


Website Creation/Landing page/Sales Funnels



Facebook & Youtube Advertising

Some Commonly Asked Questions

Q: "Is the Online Business School a physical class or an online class?"

A: The 5-week program is going to be all physical classes. The program will be held in Lagos, Nigeria.

Venue is The Bunker, 279 Herbert Macaulay Way, Alagomeji, Yaba, Lagos State.

The first season will run from February 1st to 29th 2020.

Any relevant public holidays and other important dates will be taken into consideration and may lead to an extension of the dates where necessary.

Q: "Will there be an online version of the Online Business School"

A: Yes, due to many requests, we have decided to include an online version of the 20 week program. This online version will be available in 2020.

Q: "How much is the Online Business School?"

A: The price is One Hundred and Twenty Thousand Naira Only (N120,000)

Q: "How is the Online Business School going to be different from every other course, internet marketing or digital marketing program out there?"

A: The Online Business School is different - and for good reasons too.

First, there is no digital marketing school out there that prepares you primarily to run your own business.

They are mainly focused towards making you a better employee, rather than an entrepreneur.

This is the only online business school that is focused on making you a business person first, and an employee second if you decide to pursue that path.

Second, from past experience, we discovered that in order for you to make the most of online courses, you need to have a high level of self motivation.

Anybody who has taken or bought an online course can relate to this.

You need self-motivation to BUY the course, FOLLOW it to the end and actually PUT it into practice.

After selling millions worth of online courses, I can tell you that only a VERY few percentage of people have that level of self-motivation.

The average person wants to learn, but they will rather do it in a practical way that sticks in their memory.

A one-day seminar is not enough.

Some people just want to sit down physically and have you create in front of them, with them, in order for them to learn quick and fast.

That is the person who the Online Business School has been created for.

Even the online version of the Online Business School will be focused on practicality.

Third, the classes will be taught by actual entrepreneurs who run their own online business and have made money practicing the skills which they will be teaching.

Q: "What other type of person is the Online Business School ideal for?"

A: The Online Business School is ideal for:

- The young graduate who is looking to start their own online business and wants to have the right knowledge base to do so.

- The employee who is looking to become an indispensable member of his company and increase his earning potential.

- The person who is tired of taking expensive online courses that offer zero to no practical knowledge on how to build an online business.

- The person who learns best in a face-to-face environment and is motivated by seeing others actually doing the work.

- The employee who is finally looking to leave their 9-5 and wants the right knowledge to launch a successful online business.

- The person who is currently running an online business but is currently struggling to make things work. He knows deep inside that he should be making more than he is currently making and he is very far from being great at online business.

- The person who knows nothing about online business, but has chosen to make it his/her career path.

Register for the Online Business School Today

Make payment of N120,000 to Cashless Empire Limited, Zenith Bank, 1015524677. 

After payment, send an email to stating your full name and mobile number. You will be contacted for next steps.

If you have any further questions, feel free to email us on ​

Kindly read through very carefully so you ensure that your question has not been answered in this publication.

About the Chief Instructor

Ken Ndubisi

Facebook Certified Buying Professional & Head of Operations, TCY Africa

Ken Ndubisi is a renowned social media consultant, paid traffic specialist and Head of Operations at TCY Africa, a digital marketing consulting firm focused on using the power of social media advertising to help small businesses get more leads and sales.

His clients include, Printivo,, WhoGoHost and the Lagos State Government.

He has been invited to and spoken at key notable digital conventions all over Nigeria.

In 2018 and 2019, he passed the Facebook Blueprint Certification exams, becoming one of the few Africans on the continent to hold the prestigious Facebook Blueprint Certified Buying Professional Badge.

He was also listed as one of Business Day’s top 12 Instagram accounts that promote entrepreneurship and SMEs.

Ken is also the convener of TCY Africa on Facebook, a community with over 8,000 members focused on helping entrepreneurs, marketers and business professionals take their business to the next level with the help of Facebook Ads.

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